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The Role of the GRE
Information Provided by Kaplan Test Prep

Your score on the GRE affects many things - some more directly than you may think.

The Inside Scoop

  • The GRE serves to support your college grades and helps admissions officers compare your record with those of students from other schools. If your grades are lackluster, an outstanding GRE score can help you make the case that you are really capable of higher academic performance than your grades illustrate.

  • For an older, nontraditional student, GRE scores can attest to the fact that you still have the necessary academic and thinking skills.

  • Some schools take your highest GRE score while some average all of your test scores.

  • Many graduate programs base financial aid packages on the GRE, including fellowships and teaching assistantships.

  • The earlier you take your GREs and submit your application with all of the necessary elements, the better your chances for acceptance.

  • Numerous state and federal financial assistance programs are based in part on the GRE.

  • Students at higher-ranked graduate schools tend to have higher GRE scores.

  • Some schools will waive application fees for students with high GRE scores.

  • The GRE Subject Tests are meant to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject you plan to study in grad school.

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